Landlord Services around York

Ensure you are up to date with Housing Law – a lack of knowledge could be costly

Educate your tenants to look out for early signs of possible damage to your property – “a stitch in time saves nine”.

Be aware of the problems that can be caused by condensation in your property and ensure your tenants know how to prevent it.

Be sure your tenants are not making changes to your property that you are unaware of such as decoration and DIY.

Most importantly, ensure your tenants are happy -a happy tenant makes a happy landlord.

You may wish to speak to us about the following as these will depend on your properties and circumstances:

  • Post-purchase-guidance
  • Insurance
  • Furnishings and appliances
  • Safety
  • Preparing the property for letting
  • Refurbishment

Here is a helpful resource for landlords: The Landlord Lifecycle Handbook  giving you the legalities of your obligations.

You are protected by our membership of the PROPERTY REDRESS SCHEME which means that if you have a complaint about us, which cannot be resolved by us, you can refer to this scheme.